A Management Buy-Out ("MBO") is when a business is sold to the existing management team. We can help at all stages of the MBO process.

We have experience of leading an MBO Team, advising others and providing debt funding to many more as a lender.


As well as planning and raising the funding for MBO's our real-world experience means we can practically help deal with the vendor, the funders, solicitors and other professionals on behalf of the MBO team, right through the process..


Growth by business acquisition provides a number of potential benefits:

Access to new customers and markets

Economies of scale

 Easy access to skilled staff

Competitor elimination

Increase in interest to a future buyer

Debt Funding is readily available for acquisitions that can demonstrate they will be able to repay from future profits, even if fixed asset security is unavailable.  

We know the bank and alternative lender appetite for different acquisitions and specialise in raising finance where only a little or partial security is available to back a loan.

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